I find myself thinking a lot. Sometimes too much. It’s what I do…

Those who know me well know I have trouble turning my brain off. Even when making a social connection or watching an NBA game. My brain seems to run on autopilot even when I try to flip the switch to the “off” position. There are times when I wish I could disassociate, but I’m virtually always dissecting something in my head. As a result, I’ve catalyzed a host of ideas, ideals, theses, theories, and propositions. Some are published. Some are still in my head. Some relate to business. Some speak to education. And still others seek to shed light on culture at-large. But my goal is to make these thoughts available to anyone who can benefit from them.

Light can be illusive, but it’s the key to progress.┬áBig picture, my aim personally and professionally is to keep moving. Keep growing. Keep wondering. Keep asking questions. Keep probing. Keep looking for solutions…because I believe they exist.

You’ll find my latest musings in my blog posts on this site, my published articles, and in my various speaking engagements across the country. Still not finding what you’re needing? Drop me a message. Let’s start a dialogue.

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