I’m a reluctant author. Not because I don’t enjoy writing, but because it’s hard for me to slow down and be still long enough to get my thoughts on the page. I have to be disciplined about doing it. All great writers do. They make space for writing in their daily routines and execute the task as a debt of honor.

My first drafts are always rotten. No, really. But it’s a necessary step on the way to multiple revisions and finally, sometimes achingly, the completed assignment.

One of my favorite outlets for writing is Forbes. I’m regularly inspired and educated by the content I find there, so it makes sense. Too, on Forbes, I’m forced to edit and write concisely. I’ve authored numerous articles there, and always have new content I’m working on. Just go to the Forbes website and type my name in the search field, then drop me a line here and let me know your feedback.

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