Starting is part of my DNA. As an undergraduate student at Southern Methodist University (SMU), I became inspired to start an academic tutoring and mentoring company which grew to become the largest such enterprise in the State of Texas.  More recently, as an aspiring 30-something entrepreneur, I and my team have launched the world’s first business management ecosystem. So, I’ve been starting things from the beginning. I’ve been engaged in building things and architecting change.

Not so long ago the word entrepreneur was used to describe someone who wasn’t employable. Someone who couldn’t hold a steady job. Someone who had ideas but couldn’t execute. You know, the pie-in-the-sky type. Nowadays, however, the term has a kind of next-gen swag. But trust me, being an entrepreneur isn’t as sexy as it sounds. I can’t count the number of sleepless nights I’ve had in the last twelve months. A dash of audacity is required to imagine something that isn’t yet in play. And it takes courage to promote something that may not yet be capitalized.

On the flip-side, it’s rewarding to be part of something on the ground-level; to bear responsibility for its emergence and evolution; to be the parent of something that moves from the conceptual to the material. I’m always in research mode, mining for fresh thought, scavenging for insight.  And I steal every best practice I can from other business nerds. And regarding my own career path, I’ve learned from both successes and failures and seek to apply what I’ve gleaned to every new project.

I’m game to share my insights. Drop me a line and let’s explore an opportunity to connect.


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