I owe so much to education.

Learn. Lead. Live.

As the son of hard working Haitian immigrants, my parents sacrificed in order to provide me and my sister with a quality education. My father worked graveyard shifts and my mother fed us spaghetti sandwiches for long stretches of time in order to make it possible for my sister and me to attend good schools with outstanding instructors. But while I was blessed to receive solid academic training, and even excelled, I could never be called an academician. I can’t fill those shoes, because in truth, success is not in my genes. Rather; hard work is.

Due to my circumstances early in life, I uniquely understand the value of receiving a quality education, and I’ve witnessed first-hand the benefits of receiving exceptional academic instruction from people who sincerely had my best interest at heart. But not everyone is so lucky. Many are stuck in cycles of decline due to no fault of their own. They and their minds languish due to fiscal impoverishment and academic malnourishment. What can be done to ensure quality education for the unlucky? Can the modes and methods be adapted to serve those who most need it?

I’m impassioned by this subject and have deliberate thoughts on the matter that I think others will benefit from hearing and considering. Let’s talk soon.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.

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