This is probably the format in which I best shine. Being with a group catalyzes me. It ignites me. And it doesn’t matter what size the crowd-I get energy from it.

I’m a huge advocate of digital interfacing, but there’s still something meaningful about getting face-to-face. Deep down, we all have a longing for it. Being eye-to-eye creates bonds we wouldn’t have otherwise, offers the nuances of more 3D communication, and creates trust.

I’ve spoken for groups of all sizes, and I feel equally comfortable in each one. Being with a smaller group, like a board or business team, gives me a greater opportunity to get to know the people I’m with, acquire the information I need to ask questions and make assessments, and forge on-going relationships. Being with a larger group creates vibe. When a space is filled with people, that space is transformed-and often the people in it.

I would look forward to speaking to your group; having the opportunity to engage with your employees or constituents. Our booking process has been streamlined and my staff will reply promptly when you initiate with us. Simply click on the BOOK CARL tab on the homepage scrolling banner or drop me a note below.  We’ll take it from there.

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