Who doesn’t love a good blog, right? I’m a devotee of about six right now. Blogs are like a great novel, only cooler and broken up into convenient sound bytes. Blogs are the perfect format for quick/in-the-moment/real-time insights. It’s rapid-fire. The immediacy is what’s exciting about it.

Getting a steady blog dose from a trusted source gives me a feel for the author; what she/he is about. It creates context over time. FYI-that’s also what I’m seeking to do with mine. Blogging represents my most frequent form of mass communication. I don’t get around to it every day due to tight schedules, but it’s still my most regular and consistent form of discourse. I especially love it because I’m challenged to say something meaty in just a few lines. No fillers. No fluff.

I invite you to follow my blogs and engage with me and fellow followers when the content hits home or touches a chord. Sometimes I’ll be pointing you to someone else’s thought leadership or ground-breaking work. Sometimes I’ll be reflecting/ranting on what I see in the world around me. Often my insights will be my own. At times you’ll be inspired. At other times you’ll be incited to do something. But my end-game is that you’ll always be stimulated…that my thoughts will propel your own.

Looking to get started? Just scroll down near the bottom of my homepage to locate my most recent musings.

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