I have something to say. Is anyone listening?

Apparently so. For as far back as I can remember, people have described me as expressive. I was a ham in high school, and in college I learned to do magic tricks, which came in handy at parties and on dates. Whether saying something or writing something, I’ve always been able to garner attention.

I’m probably at my best when I’m in front of an audience. Unlike the majority of Americans who shun delivering a public address in front of a live crowd, public speaking is actually something I find gratifying. For me, there’s something satisfying about engaging people face-to-face.

And then there’s writing. By contrast to public speaking, I can’t say writing is something I relish, but for a former collegian who loathed writing term papers, I’ve come a long way. Today, I’m primarily honing my writing skills via cyber articles and blog posts. Look for content that’s unfiltered, off-the-cuff, and most often sourced from what I’m currently learning.

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